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Embracing Your Inner Child

Daily Affirmations

Ten Affirmations To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Inner Child

  1. I am worthy of love, care, and support.

  2. I am loved for who I am — my uniqueness is powerful.

  3. I am whole, enough and completely capable of providing myself with support, grace, and compassion.

  4. I let go of what’s not mine to carry. I am only and only responsible for myself.

  5. I am allowed to invite joy and play into my day to day life.

  6. I am safe, protected and guided at all times.

  7. I forgive myself and continue healing parts of me that are still bleeding.

  8. I am allowed to ask for my needs to be met.

  9. I am allowed to hold space and show up for the person I am becoming.

  10. My past does not define me. I now have the tools to make better choices and create a life that is truly mine.

Channel Your Inner Child

  1. Feel it to heal it
    It’s time you allow yourself to feel and tune-in to your emotions. No more distracting and resisting your feelings through non-stop scrolling on social media, binge-watching shows, or doing anything that essentially numbs you out. The first step to healing is feeling. Learn to gently lean into your feelings.


  2. Let go of what’s not yours to carry
    To channel your inner child, you need to be able to shake off any responsibility that is not yours. This also means that you put yourself first. If you believe that you took on too much as a child or at some point, needed to take on the role of an adult, it means that somewhere you were burdened with what’s not yours. Now is the time to explore different areas of your life and let go of anything that isn't yours to carry. Dear one, you’re allowed to drop what’s bogging you down.


  3. Welcome spontaneity in your day to day life
    As adults, we tend to be very harsh and critical with ourselves. If you are someone who sticks to a rigid structure and believes that’s just how adult life should be, you are depriving yourself of joy and play that enters your life you allow space for things to unfold differently. This is not to say you act on your impulses or that you completely give up on planning, but rather, to be open and invite some surprise into your life.


  4. Learn to express yourself in fun ways
    To tap into the energy of your inner child, it’s important to find different means and ways to express yourself without worrying about what others might think of it. The idea is to reconnect with your inner child and embody a vibration of fun, ease, and flow. Consider creative activities like journaling, singing, dancing, art & crafts, or anything that makes you feel light and cheerful.


  5. Allow yourself to be child-like
    There’s a difference between being childish and child-like. You can be an adult and still be child-like by choosing to let go of anything that adds unnecessary pressure in your life and being more present at all times. Allow yourself to laugh a little louder, to smile broader, to sit however you want to, wear whatever is comfortable! Let yourself feel into your emotions and become vulnerable at times. It’s also okay to embrace your playful side.

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