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The idea of creating a women's circle came to me out of nowhere. It was a sudden, unexpected hit of inspiration at that moment. The kind that gets you hooked. Upon exploring it further, the idea of a circle seemed very supportive and nurturing for where we're at right now. It not only feels right; it feels necessary. 


Imagine a safe space where women from all walks of life come together, hear each other, uplift each other, and as a whole, cultivate and practise radical self-care. The kind of self-care that nourishes your soul.

You know, the type that helps you grow and step into your true power. 

Do you see how much our world needs this at the moment?

Why Pink Moon?

About four days into cracking my brain trying to think of a name for this circle, the term 'Pink Moon' just came to me. Once again, out of nowhere - and, it felt so damn right.


When I looked up the significance of the pink moon, it all suddenly made so much sense. The theme of renewal and rebirth not only resonated with me profoundly but also seemed perfect for where we're at right now.


We're all at a place of a long, universal pause. It almost feels like a never-ending winter. We're experiencing a collective trauma right now, and nobody knows what to expect. Our old normal is crumbling away, and something new is about to come through.


There is hope for a better and a brighter future - we’re just struggling to see that right now.


With every pause comes an opportunity to look at how far we've come and decide how we want to move forward.


While I don't know what the next phase is going to bring, I do know that something needs to shift - both internally and externally. In our inner and outer world. This is the time to breathe in, tune-in, rest, prepare and ask those big questions around what we really want going forward.


It's time to look at our life with a fresh and renewed perspective.


What I know for sure is that this is when we need to rise as one the most. This is when we need to build beautiful connections, community, and show up for each other. This is when we need to let go of competition and separations and focus on oneness and evolution of our collective consciousness.


And this is precisely where the Pink Moon Women's Circle comes in. 

Significance: Women's Circle

For years, women throughout history have been coming together in circles to share, heal, create and problem-solve. This is what we need right now. 


This circle was created keeping in mind the need for community and a powerful support system in general and especially at this time. It was created on the fundamentals of self-love, self-care, and building a deeper connection with self and others. 


Now more than ever before, it's crucial to fully step into our power. Our soft strength. Our fierce compassion. Our unshakeable courage.


How? By learning to work with our inner guidance system, the part of us that knows, the part of us that is always showing us the way; the part of us that we've been conditioned to disconnect from for a long time now. 


We cannot fully embrace who we are if we keep bringing ourselves down, being overly critical of ourselves, dimming our light. Embracing ourselves for exactly who we are and acting from a space of authenticity requires courage. And courage can be built. One step at a time. 


During this circle, we are going to work closely with our intuition, learn to channel our creativity and connect with ourselves and others at a much deeper level. 


We will practice opening our hearts to receiving and offering support - you have to be willing to do both. Pink moon is a safe space where you will feel seen, heard, and held by the loving and compassionate energy of the group.

This circle is for you if:

☾ You want to experience a sense of community, belonging and sisterhood

☾ You want to meet like-minded and like-hearted women with whom you can be your vulnerable, creative, intuitive, spiritual, super authentic self without any form of judgement 

☾ You're currently experiencing a lot of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, grief, anger and all kinds of emotions but don't know what to do about it

☾ You're feeling demotivated, dull, and disconnected 

☾ You're looking for a safe space to be seen and heard 

☾ You've lost touch with the soft, supremely strong, and creative feminine side of yourself

☾ You want to learn to tap into your own wisdom, strength, and inner guidance 

☾ You want to make more time for self-care practices and build a stronger relationship with yourself

☾ You feel that life is missing an element of joy, magic, wonder, depth, connection, trust, and want to experience that in a safe and supportive environment

Meet Bree

For this round of Pink Moon, I'm collaborating with the wonderful Bree Boucher. Bree helps introverted spiritual women to discover their soul callings + guides them towards stepping into their power.


She is trained in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Hypnotherapy, and uses a combination of techniques to support her clients.


Bree is all things spiritual, artsy, pastel, fun hair and pets! I love how she shines her unique light into this world by being so authentically her. You're going to love her!


"I live with my husband, 2 red heelers and a tabby cat in Canberra, Australia. I’m an Aries, an introvert, a creative, obsessed with static trapeze (missing training) and a recovering perfectionist who experienced a spiritual (re-)awakening in early 2019.

I am a Life & Success Coach certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) aka Tapping and I love using those techniques plus Hypnosis in my coaching and courses to create profound breakthroughs with my clients. 

My business is all about providing support and guidance to introverted spiritual (or spiritually curious 😜) women who are searching for their purpose in life and once they have found it, I guide them to take the soul aligned action towards living in that purpose."


What Happens in the Circle?

Each woman has a role to play here. When you commit to joining the group, you commit to showing up not only for yourself but also for the other women in the group. That's how you build a community.


Throughout the four weeks, there will be a lot of emphasis put on learning to open our hearts and minds. To feel and heal. To offer and receive support.


Every week, we will come together to share, meditate, connect, and also participate in other essential self-care practices. There are tools that will help you tap into your intuitive, creative, and most authentic self and help you discover more and more about yourself.


We will end every circle with a tiny actionable step for each one of us. This is how we learn to show up for ourselves - by keeping one small promise to ourselves. This step can be very transformational when done in groups.


This week, we'll spend some time getting to know each other and set a shared intention for the circle through EFT (Tapping). We'll also have a heart to heart conversation about our struggles, what's holding us back, and experience the power of being seen, heard, and supported by a loving community. You'll also be paired up with another woman who will be your support sister during our time together. 

+ Introduction 

+ EFT (Tapping) Session

+ Meet your support sister


Spend this week intuitively designing your sacred space, with support from Bree and Manasi you will curate a beautiful, inviting space that you can call your own. Taking inspiration from the elements and interior design fundamentals your new sacred space will become your own special place for contemplation, meditation, magic and inner connection. 


+ Visualisation Meditation

+ Curation of your Sacred Space

+ Heart to heart conversations

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 10.33.56.png

This week, we'll explore writing as a tool for self-care, self-discovery, and healing. We'll work through journaling activities that will make you feel deeply nourished and supported. Journaling is a beautiful practice that helps you uncover more of yourself, layer by layer, and work with your own inner guidance system.


+ Group meditation

+ Therapeutic writing session 

+ Heart to heart conversations 


This week, we’ll learn how to use repetitive patterns as a tool for mindfulness, grounding, and relaxation. We'll explore how meditative art and journaling can be done together as a self-care practice for greater awareness of our habits, patterns, and inner critic. The idea is to disconnect from your analytical mind and let your creative, intuitive, and more connected self guide you. Included in this week is a special tapping exercise that will help you connect with your inner creative. 

+ EFT (Tapping) Session

+ Meditative Art Session

+ Heart to Heart Conversations


This week, we'll reflect on our five weeks together and discuss takeaways. We'll also talk about how the group can support each other + stay connected going forward. There will also be a Q&A session for you to bring up anything that you need further clarity or guidance with. 

+ Group meditation

+ Reflection

+ Q&A

+ Closing


❤︎ 5 x 90 mins of Group calls (valued at USD 120)

❤︎ EFT Guide (Week 1)

❤︎ Sacred Space Guide (Week 2)

❤︎ Therapeutic Writing Guide (Week 3)

❤︎ Entry in to a private Facebook group


❤︎  One payment of $88 USD

❤︎ Optional Add-on 1: 30 Minute 1:1 Session with Manasi ($25 USD)

❤︎ Optional Add-on 2: Powerful Purpose Hypnosis Audio track by Bree ($25 USD)


❤︎ IST: 6:30am every Saturday 5th September 2020 - 3rd October 2020

❤︎ AEST: 11:00am every Saturday 5th September 2020 - 3rd October 2020

❤︎ EST: 9:00pm every Friday 4th September 2020 - 2nd October 2020

Registration Now open. See registration form below.



Do you want to add either of the optional add-ons?

Thanks for registering! We will review your details and be in touch within 24-48 hours.

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