Hi! I'm Manasi.



I am a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Reiki Level 3 Healer, and a Creative Meditation Teacher. I use my experience and expertise to guide women in their healing journeys.

I help women who were raised in a dysfunctional environment navigate their childhood and adolescence wounds, find their voice, and grow into their most resilient and empowered selves. 


My work revolves around helping women break free from old cycles and dysfunction.


A creative at heart, I also write and share bits of my writing + artwork online.   


"Empowerment is never about blame; it is about taking personal responsibility."

Bryant McGill


The main purpose of our work together is to ensure that you feel truly and wholly empowered.


What this means is that:


+ You will look at your past wound with love and compassion.

+ You will see that you are stronger than your past and that you have the power to heal and recover from it. 


+ You will find + trust your voice all over again. 


+ You will feel more at peace  with yourself


+ You will be equipped with the right tools in order to create positive, long-lasting shifts in your life


+ You will experience a deep sense of courage, self-compassion, and resilience.

My aim for you is to help you


  • Tune in to your mind + body

  • Tap into the wisdom of your wound 

  • Gain clarity around your needs + desires

  • Learn how to communicate them


so that you going forward, you engage in healthy, balanced and fulfilling relationships that are completely free of dysfunction -- finally!


The work we do together will 


+ Help you to navigate stressful familial dysfunctions and dynamics with clarity and ease 


+ Give you the power to listen to your own voice, make your own decisions and show up for yourself


+ Let go of old conditions and limiting beliefs around blood-relationships that are keeping you small


My Services

Personalised action-steps + on-going support and guidance towards your recovery


Step into your true power by designing a sacred self-care ritual and making yourself a priority. 



We will have an open conversation as to what self-care, self-compassion, and self-love mean to you and identify areas of life where you're struggling to practice them.


These sessions are aimed at helping you ritualise your self-care so that you can create more sacred time, space and mindfulness. 




Heal your childhood wounds and become your most empowered self. 

This programme is about breaking free. From dysfunction, toxicity, and habits that keep you small. 

If there is anything I know for sure, it is that:


1. You are not defined by your past

2. You are so capable of healing and thriving

3. You do not have to do this alone


Ready to take the next step and show up for yourself?



Get an idea of what it's like to with me.

During our session, you will feel seen and heard for exactly who you are. You will feel validated for your painful experiences and begin to realise that you can take back your power from them. You will gain insight into how your past wound is keeping you small.


You will learn that unlearning old, limiting beliefs will bring your peace. You will get a sense of how freeing healing can be.

You will gain clarity in terms of your next step.


You will feel empowered to do what's best for your recovery.


You can't undo what happened, but you can create a new story starting now. 


Ready to give it a try?


Love Notes


You are self-aware 


You are committed to your healing and recovery


You’ve experienced a small t-trauma and are exploring ways to recover and heal


You believe that your wounds are holding you back, not quite sure how, and don’t know what to do about it


You are already on a path of healing and need more guidance, support, and are seeking a safe, non-judgemental space for your growth


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