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Reconnecting with your inner child

a 90 mins guided meditation + Q&A session with Manasi

Part 1: 60 mins Guided Meditation

In this mediation, you will be guided to reconnect with your inner child using visual and emotional cues. You will get the opportunity to embrace your inner child, and get to know her deeper needs, wants, and desires.


It's in those unmet needs of your wounded inner child where you'll recognise the work that you need to do for healing. Your inner child holds the keys to your long-term transformation.


Learn to soothe, calm, and nurture your inner child and offer her the sense of safety, security, and protection that was once missing.

Part 2: Conversation + Q&A Session

The session will end with a heart-to-heart conversation around what came up for you  + a short Q&A session.


Are you ready to finally meet your

inner child?

A beautiful journey that gently guides you to reconnect, embrace, and tend to your inner child. 

Tap into the unmet needs, wants, and desires of your inner child and let her show you your path forward.


Date + Time:

20 November, Sat, 9:00 am EST

20 November, Sat, 9:00 pm SGT

20 November, Sat, 7:30 pm IST

20 November, Sat, 2:00 pm GMT

Held over Zoom (Private link)

Session will be recorded

Only 10 spots available

What do you receive when you pay USD 35?

One spot out of ten spots for the workshop // USD 35

✧ FREE 7-day access to me over text (approx 5-10 mins/day on Facebook

Messenger Group) // valued at USD 100

✧ Recording of the session

✧ *Creative Meditation Art-book  // valued at USD 20 


*You will receive this in your email after the workshop. This art-book is a great tool that you can use to support the healing of your inner child. I'll show you how to incorporate it in your process.


Essentially, you pay USD 35 for an offer valued at USD 155!

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ section here. 


This workshop is for you if:

→ you've read enough about ICW  but don't know where to begin


→ believe that you have some level of childhood wounding/trauma 

→ are feeling alone to start your inner child healing journey and want more support

→ tried a bunch of ICW approaches but haven't experienced any deep visceral shift (no emotional connect or release)


→ you are currently doing ICW with your coach or therapist

→ feel a nudge towards ICW


→ want to meet like-hearted and like-minded women/are looking for community support on your journey

This workshop is designed to help you:

→ emotionally connect with your inner child, her unmet needs, wants, and desires

→ foster a strong, loving, and supportive relationship with your inner child

→ hold space for your inner child's unresolved emotions, thoughts, experiences, and memories

→ notice the link between your present-time struggles and your past trauma

→ bring awareness to your unprocessed pain and suffering

→ develop resilience and capacity to compassionately sit with discomfort

→ step into the wise woman archetype, your inner mother to your inner child, who consisently shows up for your inner child. 

→ build trust between your inner child and inner wise woman. 

Come join me + 11 other beautiful and powerful women from all over the world doing this work of healing.

FAQ Anchor


Is this workshop only for those with a mother wound?


This workshop is for anyone who believes/knows that they have some form and some levels of childhood wounding. It doesn't have to be a mother wound. It can be a father wound, an adoptive-parent wound, or caregiver-wound of any sort.


While a familial-wound sets stage for most of our adult relationships, an early wounding at school, in religious groups, or in friendships can also be traumatic and create long-lasting effects. This workshop is for you as long as you sense that there's something in here for you to explore.



I don't know how I feel about Inner Child Work. How do I know this is for me?


You don't need to have your thoughts figured out around ICW before you join this workshop. It doesn't have to make complete sense. Go by what your gut says. Go by what your heart is calling you to explore.


You don't need to logically KNOW to know that this is your next step.


Whether you're still exploring ICW or have tried a bunch of things before, I trust that this workshop will only take you a step forward in the right direction.


I can't meditate. I don't meditate. Can I still join?


Yes! Of course. You don't have to be a seasoned meditator to be a part of this workshop. You will be guided into a meditative space using gentle emotional and visual ques and if you can just be present in the moment and kind with yourself, the meditation journey will do what it needs to for you.


How do I pay?


Payment is done via a PayPal button above.


The PayPal button might not work for some countries in Asia. In which case, please reach out to me for other payment options available.


What if I can't attend live?


The entire session will be recorded. If you can't attend, that's okay. You will receive the recording in your email one day after the workshop. You will receive everything that is included in the USD 33 even if you can't attend live.


I have more questions. How do I contact you?


You can use the chat box on the bottom right corner, drop me a DM on my Instagram (@_manasidalvi), or find me on Facebook Messenger.I will get back to you ASAP.

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