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Words of Love

"I wish I could speak with Manasi every day. Seriously! My experience with her was incredible - it was like chatting with an old friend after so many years; it was that comfortable and warm. She has a way of making you feel safe and at ease IMMEDIATELY. It is not often (or even considered "sane") that we share our vulnerabilities with an absolute stranger, but she creates such a tranquil environment and you just can't hold back - nor do you want to. She could be a friend to everyone. Her voice and her demeanour are soothing and allow you space to collect yourself and leave the drama and anxieties behind. I'm certain there's a significant age difference between she and I, but that didn't hinder my consultation one bit. She knew where I was headed before I even shared it and was able to form a collective understanding within that short while. This is one incredibly apt and enlightened lady. She knows her stuff.”


- Melanie, LA 


"This is one incredibly apt and enlightened lady"

"I did Manasi’s Mandala Workshop with my friends. Her approach was really friendly and even though it was my first time trying mandala, she made me feel comfortable. I had been avoiding the mandala art for a long time for the patience it required. Bit the workshop made me realise that not only is it fun but also very effective for relieving stress. 

During the workshop, I realised my need for closure for everything. I have been working on that and trying to let go slowly. This workshop has helped me to great lengths and I would be happy t recommend it to my other friends."

Tanaya, IN

"I think working with Manasi is one of the best decisions I’ve taken! She’s absolutely great! She provided such a brave space for me to open up and share my experiences. I’ve always had trouble emotionally expressing myself but Manasi’s presence and the way she listened to me helped me delve into uncovering some aspects of my feelings. Taking this step has been in the works for a long time and I’m beyond happy that I took it with Manasi, her kindness and openness made me feel safe to talk. She helped me understand that my feelings are normal and it’s okay to have these emotions. I’m looking forward to working with her in the future."


Nisha, ON

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"One of the most calming and supportive environments I've been in"

I recently joined Manasi for her Mandala workshop and I loved it! 

Before joining this workshop I had no clue how to draw one and what they were all about. Manasi explained it in a no nonsense way and gave her tips on what types of patterns to draw. Which I loved, because now know a whole lot of different techniques that I can try out later. 

I loved that this workshop allowed me to carve time out in my schedule for me and my creativity. Something that I’m not always good at prioritizing! 
Manasi’s Mandala Workshop is a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Regardless of what you think your drawing skills are, it’s not about that at all, it’s about finding some time to be mindful and quiet your mind for a little bit. 
I’ve already added mandalas into my mindfulness practices and can’t thank Manasi enough for sharing the practice with me.


Bree, CBR

I did the Mandala Workshop workshop with Manasi with some of my close friends.
In the testing times of self isolation starting to affect my productivity, this was really a fresh start. 
The way she guided us through the session was amazing. There was no pressure of perfection. She encouraged us to trust the flow and draw what came to us intuitively. 
She taught us that the best way to create is in your own unique way 
This session helped me manage my high expectations for perfection. 
She helped me come out of my bubble where I had started to give up on art because I thought it wasnt "complete" or "perfect". 
This session helped me redefine my own perceptions about my art and myself as a whole. 
I would surely recommend doing this workshop with her!


Apurva, IN

"Manasi’s Mandala Workshop is a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone"

The Mandala workshop with Manasi was one of the most calming and supportive environments I’ve been in. Manasi’s guide to making mandalas was really easy to follow and she was patient in giving us the time needed to complete each aspect of it. Although I thought I made mistakes she helped me appreciate the natural flow of things, whether my creativity is perfect or imperfect. Through her session I was able to learn how to make mandalas and through her encouragement and support I was able to get in touch with my inner self to be okay with making mistakes. Now, a few weeks after the session, I have been able to incorporate mandalas in my meditative practice and create something I enjoy revisiting!


 Nisha, ON

"I have known Manasi only for some time. However, I feel very inspired by her journey. Thank you, Manasi, for being a warrior. Thank you for teaching the world that having a joyful heart is a choice and all of us have the power to make that choice. God bless.

Sha S, SG


"Thank you, Manasi, for being a warrior"

"I went to Manasi for guidance and support on how to start my life post-graduation and a multilevel surgery.
It was certainly the most helpful meeting ever. She understood my current situation as well as what I wanted from the future really well and helped me find a way through it in a very practical manner. 
She fills one with positivity and hopes to make the impossible, possible.
‘It’s okay to go slow as long as you keep going.’ 
An inspiration herself, she does the angelic work of helping and inspiring others in the best way possible."

Simran W, IN

"I have been following Manasi's story blogs for a while and that made me approach her to consult me on a few aspects. After a brief introduction, we had our first session which indeed paved a structured process for my line of action.
The next couple of sessions generally revolved around my progress in terms of the plan and a few more conversations helped me achieve my goals within a set time-frame. 

A huge thank you for all your support, Manasi!"

Raghuraj T, CA


"An inspiration herself, she does the angelic work of helping and inspiring others"

"I have been speaking to Manasi on a fairly frequent basis, even before she embarked on her life-coaching journey and she always brought a new perspective to the table that I failed to see on my own. I have had a few sessions with Manasi since she started offering life coaching services and she always made it very easy for me to open up, despite me being a fairly private person. Even though she always took a solutions-focused approach, she never steered clear of acknowledging or listening to my past experiences that have contributed to various repeat occurrences that I would like to change in my life. 

Even though the sessions allowed for a completely open discussion, Manasi was very planned with her approach to every conversation. She always took notes and at the end of each session, we always discussed a go-forward strategy and next steps. In between sessions, Manasi always checked-in to see how I was progressing with the next-steps that we had previously discussed. She also shared her notes with me at the end of each session. 

Manasi is an extremely talented and compassionate person and I look forward to seeing her grow in her life-coaching journey!"

Sneha J, NJ

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