Words of Love

"I have known Manasi only for some time. However, I feel very inspired by her journey. Thank you, Manasi, for being a warrior. Thank you for teaching the world that having a joyful heart is a choice and all of us have the power to make that choice. God bless."

Sha S, SG

"I have been following Manasi's story blogs for a while and that made me approach her to consult me on a few aspects. After a brief introduction, we had our first session which indeed paved a structured process for my line of action.
The next couple of sessions generally revolved around my progress in terms of the plan and a few more conversations helped me achieve my goals within a set time-frame. 
A huge thank you for all your support, Manasi!"

Raghuraj T, CA

"I went to Manasi for guidance and support on how to start my life post-graduation and a multilevel surgery.
It was certainly the most helpful meeting ever. She understood my current situation as well as what I wanted from the future really well and helped me find a way through it in a very practical manner. 
She fills one with positivity and hopes to make the impossible, possible.
‘It’s okay to go slow as long as you keep going.’ 
An inspiration herself, she does the angelic work of helping and inspiring others in the best way possible."

Simran W, IN

"I have been speaking to Manasi on a fairly frequent basis, even before she embarked on her life-coaching journey and she always brought a new perspective to the table that I failed to see on my own. I have had a few sessions with Manasi since she started offering life coaching services and she always made it very easy for me to open up, despite me being a fairly private person. Even though she always took a solutions-focused approach, she never steered clear of acknowledging or listening to my past experiences that have contributed to various repeat occurrences that I would like to change in my life. 

Even though the sessions allowed for a completely open discussion, Manasi was very planned with her approach to every conversation. She always took notes and at the end of each session, we always discussed a go-forward strategy and next steps. In between sessions, Manasi always checked-in to see how I was progressing with the next-steps that we had previously discussed. She also shared her notes with me at the end of each session. 

Manasi is an extremely talented and compassionate person and I look forward to seeing her grow in her life-coaching journey!"

Sneha J, NJ

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