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At some point in my personal healing journey,

I just knew that my work on this planet had chosen me.



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I am a Personal Empowerment Coach, a Certified Reiki Level 3 Healer, a Creative Meditation Teacher and a full-time student of personal development. A creative at heart, I also write and share bits of my personal story online. Before starting my coaching business, I taught creative meditation and therapeutic writing classes aimed at connecting people with their creative selves. I also volunteered as a coach for children from dysfunctional and troubled families. 


Over the years, through my personal experience and working with people from different walks of life, I realised that our past wounds, especially those from our childhood can have an enormous effect over the kind of life we lead in our adult lives.  This includes our well-being, the choices we make, the habits we develop as well as the relationships we engage in. 


The more I opened myself to learning and introspecting, the more I realized that there is profound wisdom in our wounds that we can tap into in order to finally experience freedom and become the best versions of ourselves. Sometimes we just need some help getting there. 


I also learnt that radical self-care and self-awareness are essential to self-empowerment. If we want to make sure that we don't bleed on those who haven't hurt us, we have to develop a certain level of awareness and mindfulness, and most importantly, take accountability -- for our healing, recovery, and behaviour.