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The Wiser You

The 12 week 1:1 program to heal your inner child and step into the autonomy of your inner wise woman.

Let’s heal.

Sick of surviving not thriving; wishing and wanting more?

Stuck in old cycles of dysfunction like a broken record on repeat?

Struggling to make peace with the past to pursue your personal truth?

Sounds like it’s time to transform your past wounds into wonder and wisdom.

It’s time to become a Wiser You.

Reconnect and heal your inner child.
Step into your power and autonomy as your wiser adult self.

Learn to reparent yourself and honour your deepest needs, wants, and desires.
Regulate your nervous system and return to wholeness.

There is an inner wise woman within you waiting to emerge and help you create the life that you deserve and are so worthy of.

But I know, it’s easier said than done. You know you have her within you but have no idea how to let her come out.

What you need is some groundwork; the very foundation of your healing and thriving.

To step into the power of your inner wise woman, we must first dive deep into healing the deepest needs of our wounded inner child.

ICW is incredibly potent and transformational.

It’s the first step towards building a beautiful relationship with yourself and breaking free from all that no longer serves you.

The Wiser You program takes you through the necessary deep inner child work (ICW) in three stages so that you can make peace with the past, be purposeful in the present and step powerfully into the future. 

Book in your free 20 min call to explore
if this program is for you.

Hello, I'm Manasi!

I am a Childhood Wound Coach, a Certified Reiki Level 3 Healer, a Creative Meditation Teacher, and a full-time student of personal + spiritual development. 

I help women who were raised in a dysfunctional environment navigate their childhood wounds, break free from old toxic patterns so that they can finally live a life that is based on their personal truth. 

A life that is no longer defined by the effects of their unhealed childhood trauma and abuse.

I guide women back home to their true selves, connect with their own voice, and blossom into their most resilient and empowered selves. 

"I wish I could speak with Manasi every day. Seriously! My experience with her was incredible - it was like chatting with an old friend after so many years; it was that comfortable and warm. She has a way of making you feel safe and at ease IMMEDIATELY. It is not often (or even considered "sane") that we share our vulnerabilities with an absolute stranger, but she creates such a tranquil environment and you just can't hold back - nor do you want to. She could be a friend to everyone. Her voice and her demeanour are soothing and allow you space to collect yourself and leave the drama and anxieties behind. I'm certain there's a significant age difference between she and I, but that didn't hinder my consultation one bit. She knew where I was headed before I even shared it and was able to form a collective understanding within that short while. This is one incredibly apt and enlightened lady. She knows her stuff.” - Melanie, LA 

Your true wisdom lies within you,

You feel broken. You’ve tried to act like everything is alright for too long.

Here’s what I know for sure: 

The things you’re experiencing are products of your past, a past you’ve done your best to outrun, out-do, out-smart.

And now you simply need a guide and a hand to hold as you break free from it at last.

You are stronger than your past and I believe it with all my heart. 

Join me in The Wiser You program starting September!

What wisdom awaits you inside...

The Wiser You 1:1 program includes:

9x 60 mins 1:1 calls

3 x 90 mins 1:1 LIVE inner child guided meditations for three stages

recordings tor 12 sessions

1x art-book

1x inner child journal

1x inner wise woman journal

weekly check-ins

unlimited email support

Wander with me through…

▽ reconnecting with your inner child (in three stages of development)

▽ nervous system & safety

▽ emotional alchemy

▽ false roles & dysfunction

▽ grieving lost childhood

▽ wound contextualisation & acceptance

▽ inter-generational trauma

▽ needs, wants, & desires of your inner child

▽ redefining your truth

▽ reconnecting with your inner wise woman

▽ autonomy, permission, & protection

▽ 5-part radical reparenting

▽ boundaries & communication

▽ rest, play, & pleasure

▽ inner child & creativity

▽ returning to wholeness


What I know for sure is that:

Your inner child is worthy and deserving of healing

Your inner wise woman is fully capable of healing and reparenting your wounded inner child

You are wise, wonderful, and whole even if you were conditioned to believe otherwise

If you are a woman wishing to:

+ break old cycles of dysfunction

+ release patterns that no longer serve you

+ reclaim your inner child

+ own the power of your adult self 

+ make peace with your past

+ get in touch with your authentic self

+ thrive, not merely survive

+ become a better parent

+ create a life based on your personal truth

+ heal the world by healing yourself first

Join The Wiser You program (valued at $1395 USD)

Yes, that’s right you will get $1395 USD of value!

Value Breakdown


9x 60 mins 1:1 calls (valued at USD 100/session)

3 x 90 mins 1:1 LIVE inner child guided meditation for three stages (valued at USD 135/session)

Recordings tor 12 sessions

1x art-book (valued at USD 30)

1x inner child journal (valued at USD 30)

1x inner wise woman journal (valued at USD 30)

Weekly check-ins

Unlimited email support (priceless!)

But you can get it all for just $990 USD!!!

OR grab the Early Bird Discount of $880 USD

(only available until 17th August)


What other wise women had to say…

"I think working with Manasi is one of the best decisions I’ve taken! She’s absolutely great! She provided such a brave space for me to open up and share my experiences. I’ve always had trouble emotionally expressing myself but Manasi’s presence and the way she listened to me helped me delve into uncovering some aspects of my feelings. Taking this step has been in the works for a long time and I’m beyond happy that I took it with Manasi, her kindness and openness made me feel safe to talk. She helped me understand that my feelings are normal and it’s okay to have these emotions. I’m looking forward to working with her in the future." - Nisha, ON

“I came across Manasi’s profile on Instagram and was fascinated by her content. After a few days, I reached out to her and said that I was interested in working with her 1:1 for Inner Child Work. I had never tried ICW before and was quite nervous. But right from the beginning, Manasi made me feel safe and I felt secure to open myself to her like I never have with anyone else. Her calm and friendly approach made me feel comfortable to let my guard down. She asked important and compelling questions that helped me realise things about my childhood that I could not see before. During one of our sessions, she guided me through a meditation which was wonderful, but also a little intense because I "met" my inner child for the first time. I am very thankful for her professional guidance and support during my work with her.  It has helped me to take the first step in the right direction on my healing journey. I am really happy that it was Manasi who facilitated this. It was a truly amazing and eye-opening experience.” - Laura, SE

Not sure if this program can help you heal?

Inner Child Work can be beneficial if you experience:

  1. Co-dependency & enmeshment in relationships

  2. Trust issues

  3. Emotional dysregulation, acting in or acting out, anxiety, inability to be in the body

  4. Black & white thinking (cognitive distortion)

  5. Absolute thinking, all or nothing mindset cognitive distortion

  6. Catastrophizing (cognitive distortion)

  7. People pleasing

  8. Perfectionism

  9. Body image issues

  10. The feeling of being lost, a sense of apathy, disconnection from our true self and others 

  11. Substance abuse/addiction 

  12. Dullness, constant or underlying sense of emptiness and loneliness 

  13. Intimacy dysfunction, unhealthy attachment in relationships, fear of commitment

  14. Attachment to outcome and inability to slow down 

  15. Lack of presence and mindfulness 

If any of the above sounds like you, then this program is exactly what you’re looking for.

Come join me on a 12 week 1:1 journey to heal your inner child and step into the autonomy of your inner wise woman.


Ready to take the next step?

Book in your free 20 min call to explore if
this program is for you.


  • Is this a commitment based service?
    Yes, this is a commitment-based service. I’ll tell you why: because processes like these do not happen overnight. Healing, emotional alchemy, and transformation take time and commitment. You can’t rush it even if you wished. Showing up for yourself requires you to take some calculated risks, and that involves understanding that your healing process is going to be a journey. Please note that this program involves a lot of self-exploration, introspection, and mindful behavioral changes. Emphasis is placed on both inner and outer work, which involves delving deeper and also taking aligned action. Commitment terms range from 6, 9 to 12 months commitment, with the option of 2 x 60 mins sessions per month or 2 x 90 mins sessions per month.
  • What is included?
    When you sign up for a longer-term 1:1 commitment, you receive: 2 x 90 mins 1 x Radical Self-Care Plan session (counted as one session, optional) Weekly check-ins (5 mins/week) Email support Tools and guides Bonus: Self-Love Affirmations List or Creative Meditation Art-book or Reconnecting With Your Inner Child Workbook An add-on option (paid) for extra text support
  • What is the investment?
    USD 350 per month for 2 x 60 mins sessions per month OR USD 500 per month for 2 X 90 mins sessions per month Payment can be made monthly, for half-term, or in full. We can discuss this during our application call.
  • Are there payment plans and scholarships available?
    There are three payment plans for all 3 packages. Payment Plan 1: Monthly payment Payment Plan 2: Half-term payment Payment Plan 3: Full payment I also have scholarships available for students, fresh graduates, and those in need. Note that this is looked at on a case to case basis. Feel free to write to me should you need more information.
  • Is there an initial consultation?
    If you're feeling called to join RP and the investment feels manageable, I offer a lost-cost 30 mins call (USD 25) during which we'll explore further if we make a good team, and if the commitment terms and payment plans suit you. Please ensure that you've read through the investment section before booking a consultation with me. Schedule a consultation here. Note: An email will be sent out to you with the next steps, including a payment link for the low-cost consultation. Once the payment is made, we'll pick a date and a time for our consultation and we're good to go. The amount for this consultation will be off-setted from your first payment. (Scroll down to 'Book A Consultation' section.
  • How are our sessions conducted?
    Sessions are held over Skype/Zoom/FaceTime
  • What is the refund policy for Manasi Dalvi's coaching services?
    I understand that unexpected circumstances may arise that could impact our ability to continue working together. If, for any reason, either party decides to end our coaching relationship before the completion of the agreed-upon term, the contract will be terminated. In such cases, any prepaid fees for future sessions will be refunded on a pro-rata basis, taking into account the unused portion of the coaching package. I strongly believe in maintaining transparency and fairness in my business practices, and my refund policy is designed to honour the commitment and investment of my clients while also acknowledging the realities of life's uncertainties. My intention is to provide a positive and supportive coaching experience, and I want my clients to feel confident and secure in their decision to work with me. I am dedicated to open communication and clarity in all aspects of our coaching relationship, including financial matters. If you have any further questions or concerns about my refund policy, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly, and I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

12 weeks, 12 calls, unlimited
email support, and so much more!

For just $990 USD

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