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Resilience Project




Do you ever think about breaking free? 


From the dysfunction, toxicity, and  and old habits that keep you small?


Well, if you do, you're at the right place.


Resilience Project is about disengaging from what you were told by your family, culture, and society that you know deep down simply isn’t your truth. 


If you’re in a dark space right now or feel lost,  this programme is going to steer you in the direction of light and freedom and inner peace. 


The kind of freedom you hear about and wonder whether it's available to you because all you've seen and experienced is pain, suffering, manipulation, and emotional turmoil within and around you.


Is there freedom from any of this?

Yes! There is, and it's available to you.


▽ You were raised in a dysfunctional family

▽ Are the scapegoat, identified patient, or the black sheep of your family 

▽ You were raised by emotionally unavailable, narcissistic, and/or abusive parent(s)

▽ You find yourself attracting toxic and abusive romantic relationships

▽ You identify yourself as codependent 

▽ You identify yourself as the “little adult” of the family

▽ You feel like you’ve become older but are still the same old afraid child internally 

▽ You feel lost, uncertain, and alone

▽ You are afraid to stand up for yourself 

▽ You believe you have some trauma but you’re struggling to come to terms with it

▽ You grew up around a chronically ill (mental/physical illness) parent

▽ You are highly-sensitive and feel the emotions of others deeply 

▽ You feel or were made to feel responsible for the suffering of your parents

▽ You feel anxious around your family and during/after any interactions with them

▽ You tend to be very harsh on yourself 

▽ You feel disconnected from your true self

All that baggage that you’ve been carrying for years, the invisible responsibility that’s been weighing you down, inhibiting you from growing into your adult self and acting from a space of power — it’s time to let it all go.


All those things you learned and were made to believe, through words, actions, behaviours, and body language of your caregivers - it's time to see it for what it is and unlearn it.

Conditioning. An old, outdated programme that no longer serves you. 

Resilience Project is about dismantling the old ways of 'being' and 'doing' learning to connect with what is true for you. 

You see, you are worthy of living a life that you can call your own, without your past haunting you or dictating how you show up in your life and relationships - and I want this for you.


You know the toxic patterns, learned behaviours, and ways of being that have been passed down in your family?

Our work together will help you develop awareness around it, and release it once and for all. Because you are the courageous soul who’s been called (in a very uncomfortable manner) to step up and show up - for yourself and the kind of future you want. 


It doesn’t mean you have to do something wild or extraordinary. It means that you have to learn to take responsibility for your own healing and start making conscious shifts in your thoughts, actions and behaviours. 


Believe me, your ancestors and future generations will thank you for committing to shifting these dynamics in your family.


But before you’re able to rise strong, act like a grown woman that you are, you need to be willing to dig into your deepest, darkest, most painful memories and wounds, and listen to the wisdom they have to offer.  




No more distracting or denying your pain and suffering. 


You need to look at your wounds with love and compassion and allow yourself to experience those dark emotions that you’ve felt for a long time now. If there is anything I know after years of doing this work, it is that emotions are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they are filled with wisdom. They reflect your deepest desires and needs - something you need to learn to connect with. 


Our work together will help you process and release those dark emotions. You will be supported, as you unravel parts of you that are hurting. These processes will ultimately help you release all that trauma that your mind and body are holding on to. And that’s where you’ll find the true essence of healing. 

Throughout our work, I will provide you with self-care tools and techniques that will make you feel even more supported. Most importantly, these tools and techniques will make you feel whole, complete, and deeply connected with yourself. 

What to expect from this programme

▽ Gain knowledge & awareness around your familial wounds &toxic relationships 

▽ Work through difficult emotions and obsessive thoughts

▽ Break free from toxic habits and patterns that run in your family

▽ Learn to feel safe in your body

▽ Develop self-compassion, trust, and resilience 

▽ Learn to engage in a healthy mental dialogue

▽ Practice conscious reparenting

▽ Heal your inner child

▽ Learn assertive and non-defensive communication

▽ Overcome fear of conflict and confrontation with your family 

▽ Set and enforce boundaries

▽ Experience more joy and peace in your life

▽ Develop a deep long-lasting relationship with yourself


"Your childhood wounds set stage for the kind of adult life you lead."

I’ve realised that people who continue to run on their childhood programming end up living a very unconscious and inauthentic life. Often, their life reflects choices and decisions made from a deeply wounded space of their inner child rather than from a space of their inner wise woman. 


Healing our wounds from the past not only helps us make peace with our story but it also helps us make more authentic choices in life. We no longer need an authoritative figure to dictate what’s right and wrong for us; we become that conscious authoritative figure for ourselves. 


This is when you begin to blossom. Once you’ve become comfortable managing and tending to your emotions, you will learn to put all your inner wisdom to make outer shifts. We’ll work through any difficult situations you’re experiencing, use behavioural techniques to bring about positive changes in your life. 


You don't have to do any of this alone.

I’m here for you. I’ve walked my own journey for years now. I’ve faced my fears, tended to my wounds, accepted my shadow self, and embraced the beautiful light within me that was guiding me even through my darkest times. Putting all my experience and expertise together, I’m here to guide you home to yourself. 


We’ll do this work together. I’m ready to show up for you and your journey.




Resilience is our capacity to recover from our past trauma. It’s our ability to spring back, to return to, our true, whole,  and authentic self after experiencing some form of trauma.


In my understanding, resilience is a very essential component when it comes to healing from our past wounds. 


It isn’t necessarily a focus at the very beginning of our work together, but it is certainly a by-product of the work we do and the healing process in itself. 


Building resilience is important because not only do we want to look at, alchemise, and let go of the suffering around our past wound, but we also want to ensure we’re equipped with tools to support us through the ups and downs in life. 

What contributes to resilience?


+ Emotional Awareness and Alchemy

+ Self-belief, Self-worth and self-Compassion

+ Intuitive and Body Wisdom

+ Boundaries (with self and others)

+ Social Support (family or chosen family, friends)

+ Guidance (coach, therapist, teacher, higher power etc.)

+ Aligned Action (acting in integrity with your adult self)

+ Creative and Logical Problem-Solving 

+ Sense of Safety (in Self and environment)

+ Whole-hearted Living (in harmony with life)


We'd be a good fit if...

+ you are very self-aware of what's keeping you stuck 

+ you want to do and be more in life but feel held back by your past

+ you are seeking joy, peace, and fulfilment but feel unworthy of it

+ you are seeking guidance and support in your healing journey

+ you are terrified of doing the healing work on your own

+ you are highly motivated to heal 


▽ You are not defined by your past

▽ You are so capable of healing and thriving

▽ You do not have to do this alone


Book a one-off consultation with me 

(commitment-based pricing is discounted)

What Clients Are Saying

“After working with Manasi for the past 6 months, me and my life have changed so much. She’s truly helped me to grow, own my authentic truth and step into becoming more “me” than I ever have before. I used to feel so small and insecure, lost, boring, dumb and ordinary. Some days, I still very much do feel this way. Now though, from Manasi’s gentle guidance and compassion, most days, I feel strong and more sure of the person that I truly am and the life I want to build for myself. 


Manasi has helped me to realize the importance of intentionality and that every action and step I make, the people I choose to surround myself with, all contribute to who I want to be and the life I wish to live. She’s helped me learn and own my truth and not apologizing for the person I am - not who mother wanted me to be. That it’s okay and healthy to set boundaries that help to keep myself emotionally safe. Where I once would force myself to say to yes to things and put other peoples feelings before my own. I haven’t changed the way that I love others, I’ve just changed how I choose to love and prioritize myself. 


Manasi has helped me become proud of the person that I’m becoming right in front of me and of the past me who experienced all of the life before now. Words will never be able to express what kind of gift that is to give to someone and of all the gratitude I have for Manasi and her coaching. I’ve only just begun this long journey, but I know she will be here for me through every step. ❤️” 

Rachel, BC

"I wish I could speak with Manasi every day. Seriously! My experience with her was incredible - it was like chatting with an old friend after so many years; it was that comfortable and warm. She has a way of making you feel safe and at ease IMMEDIATELY. It is not often (or even considered "sane") that we share our vulnerabilities with an absolute stranger, but she creates such a tranquil environment and you just can't hold back - nor do you want to. She could be a friend to everyone. Her voice and her demeanour are soothing and allow you space to collect yourself and leave the drama and anxieties behind. I'm certain there's a significant age difference between she and I, but that didn't hinder my consultation one bit. She knew where I was headed before I even shared it and was able to form a collective understanding within that short while. This is one incredibly apt and enlightened lady. She knows her stuff.”

Melanie, LA 

“I came across Manasi’s profile on Instagram and was fascinated by her content. After a few days, I reached out to her and said that I was interested in working with her 1:1 for Inner Child Work. I had never tried ICW before and was quite nervous. But right from the beginning, Manasi made me feel safe and I felt secure to open myself to her like I never have with anyone else. Her calm and friendly approach made me feel comfortable to let my guard down. She asked important and compelling questions that helped me realise things about my childhood that I could not see before. 


During one of our sessions, she guided me through a meditation which was wonderful, but also a little intense because I "met" my inner child for the first time. I am very thankful for her professional guidance and support during my work with her.  It has helped me to take the first step in the right direction on my healing journey. I am really happy that it was Manasi who facilitated this. It was a truly amazing and eye-opening experience.”

Laura, SE

It’s  been such a relief to work with Manasi. It’s like I finally found someone who is very familiar with how my childhood wounds impact me and is able to fully empathise with me. She has offered valuable input and guidance in dealing with the effects of my mother and father wound. Manasi is very compassionate and kind, and explains things with a certain degree of passion and clarity. I’ve received a lot of support, as well as tools and techniques to connect with my inner child during my sessions with Manasi."

Angelika, PL

"I had done the 1:1 coaching with Manasi, it was a private session. I loved the individualized approach that Manasi had. She took the time to learn about my experiences, my emotions and the impact it had on my well being. From there, she worked with me to develop a sustainable practice. Furthermore, her inviting and nurturing personality really solidified our relationship. She ensured that I was feeling safe and encouraged me to to cultivate safety within myself. 

One of the main areas I was struggling with was connecting to my emotions and unlearning a lot of conditined thoughts that were bred into me from childhood. Things like: internalized patriarchy, understanding success, embracing my sensitivity, and labelling emotions (good vs bad, positive vs negative). Working with her on a 1:1 basis really helped me work on my own pace and I was able to notice many changes. One such change was that when I initially started with Manasi my goal was to only connect with my emotions. However overtime, I was able to go beyond that and rediscover who I was. I was able to embrace my sensitivity and create routines and rituals that better serve me holistically.


One of the biggest takeaways from my work with Manasi was putting myself first, such as, taking care and fulfilling  my needs, and learning to be honest with myself. The work I’ve done with Manasi is a first step into a lifelong journey of creating a fulfilling life for myself. Many of the lessons from the work I’ve done with Manasi has helped cultivate some healthy habits that work as a foundation to building flexible routines. Overall, I have and would continue to recommend this programme. Manasi’s commitment to her clients not only creates a warm space for us to open up to her but it also empowers us to carry the warmth with us through our days. Working with her has been the best decision I’ve made 💗"

Nisha, ON

"Manasi’s Resilience Project literally brought me back to life! 


I joined RP with an intention to “fix” some of my physical symptoms due to IBS. 

Little did I know, my 1:1 sessions with Manasi began to open up a whole history of issues, trauma and unhealed wounds which needed to be addressed first before anything else shifted on the physical level. 


I have been working with her for almost a year now, and it has been an intense period of reflection, acceptance and discomfort. Throughout my journey, Manasi, like an elder sister, has supported me to process my pain and suffering in a healthy and compassionate manner. In her presence, I’ve also learned to be kind with myself. 


I’ve been through traditional therapy in the past, but with Manasi I understood the root cause of my stress and learned to release and navigate the stored trauma through various tools like meditation, journaling, movement, energy work etc. 


All the tools were tailored to my specific need, as well as my pace and comfort, and it all came together to support my process. 


While I believe I still have a long way on my journey, I am now at a place where I’m slowly regaining my confidence, stability, and inner glow. The best shift so far has been this beautiful sense of safety I am starting to feel within myself. 


I am eternally grateful for her patience, empathy and guidance. Working with Manasi has been the best gift I’ve given to myself! 


Life is not easy and sometimes it’s important to reach out to the right people for guidance and support. Manasi also provides check-ins in between sessions which make you feel held and supported in her space. 


If you are someone struggling with stress, anxiety, chronic health condition, finding it hard to navigate your childhood trauma, and are willing to go through an intense transformative journey, working with Manasi is exactly what you need."

Sahithi, IN

  • Is this a commitment based service?
    Yes, this is a commitment-based service. I’ll tell you why: because processes like these do not happen overnight. Healing, emotional alchemy, and transformation take time and commitment. You can’t rush it even if you wished. Showing up for yourself requires you to take some calculated risks, and that involves understanding that your healing process is going to be a journey. Please note that this program involves a lot of self-exploration, introspection, and mindful behavioral changes. Emphasis is placed on both inner and outer work, which involves delving deeper and also taking aligned action. Commitment terms range from 6, 9 to 12 months commitment, with the option of 2 x 60 mins sessions per month or 2 x 90 mins sessions per month.
  • What is included?
    When you sign up for a longer-term 1:1 commitment, you receive: 2 x 90 mins 1 x Radical Self-Care Plan session (counted as one session, optional) Weekly check-ins (5 mins/week) Email support Tools and guides Bonus: Self-Love Affirmations List or Creative Meditation Art-book or Reconnecting With Your Inner Child Workbook An add-on option (paid) for extra text support
  • What is the investment?
    USD 350 per month for 2 x 60 mins sessions per month OR USD 500 per month for 2 X 90 mins sessions per month Payment can be made monthly, for half-term, or in full. We can discuss this during our application call.
  • Are there payment plans and scholarships available?
    There are three payment plans for all 3 packages. Payment Plan 1: Monthly payment Payment Plan 2: Half-term payment Payment Plan 3: Full payment I also have scholarships available for students, fresh graduates, and those in need. Note that this is looked at on a case to case basis. Feel free to write to me should you need more information.
  • Is there an initial consultation?
    If you're feeling called to join RP and the investment feels manageable, I offer a lost-cost 30 mins call (USD 25) during which we'll explore further if we make a good team, and if the commitment terms and payment plans suit you. Please ensure that you've read through the investment section before booking a consultation with me. Schedule a consultation here. Note: An email will be sent out to you with the next steps, including a payment link for the low-cost consultation. Once the payment is made, we'll pick a date and a time for our consultation and we're good to go. The amount for this consultation will be off-setted from your first payment. (Scroll down to 'Book A Consultation' section.
  • How are our sessions conducted?
    Sessions are held over Skype/Zoom/FaceTime
  • What is the refund policy for Manasi Dalvi's coaching services?
    I understand that unexpected circumstances may arise that could impact our ability to continue working together. If, for any reason, either party decides to end our coaching relationship before the completion of the agreed-upon term, the contract will be terminated. In such cases, any prepaid fees for future sessions will be refunded on a pro-rata basis, taking into account the unused portion of the coaching package. I strongly believe in maintaining transparency and fairness in my business practices, and my refund policy is designed to honour the commitment and investment of my clients while also acknowledging the realities of life's uncertainties. My intention is to provide a positive and supportive coaching experience, and I want my clients to feel confident and secure in their decision to work with me. I am dedicated to open communication and clarity in all aspects of our coaching relationship, including financial matters. If you have any further questions or concerns about my refund policy, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly, and I'd be happy to discuss it with you.
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