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If you were raised in a dysfunctional family and haven't done the work (yet), it is quite likely that you show up in this world from the space of your wounded inner child and not from the space of your inner wise woman.

Greater shifts begin to happen when you learn to notice the unmet needs of your wounded inner child, tend to those needs with love, and start to act and show up from a more whole, self-trusting, self-honouring space; that of your inner wise woman.

Both these parts of our psyche are equally important when it comes to owning, speaking, and living our truth.

Befriending both of these parts allows us to show up in various areas of our lives as more attuned, empowered, and responsible individuals.


In this workshop, we will cover:

20th March, 1:00 pm U.K.​

20th March 9:00 am T.O.

20th March 9:00 pm SG

20th March 6:30 pm IN


  • 90 mins, private Zoom call 

  • recording available

  • USD 45 per pax 

Note: Spot will be confirmed only once the payment is made. 

  • Introduction to childhood wounds

  • Introduction to both parts of our psyche - the wounded inner child and the inner wise woman

  • Tending to our wounded inner child

  • Stepping into the power of our inner wise woman

  • Q&A

This workshop is for you if:

  • You’ve been curious about inner child work and what it comprises of 

  • You have a sense that your inner child is wounded and want to explore further ⠀

  • If you want to learn how to connect with the inner wise woman within you (she’s there, I promise. You just need to learn to tap in to her wisdom)  

  • You’re looking to meet like-minded women, walking a similar path ⠀

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