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It’s time

It’s time to remember what you’re here to do. To focus on what is already working in your favour. To continue to step into your new reality. To stand tall in your truth about who you are and where you come from. To hold your vision for where you’re headed. To focus on what is in your control and gently surrender control where it no longer serves you. To trust that the Universe is figuring out the rest for you. To know that you’re always taken care of.

It’s time to return to your inner knowing. The guidance of your heart. The wisdom of your body. To put faith in the process of healing and growing. To move from fear to love. From pressure to pleasure. To show up with all that you’ve got - for yourself, your purpose, and for those who matter. To follow your joy. To practice being as much as doing. To allow precense and awareness into your life. To embrace your dark and your light and no longer run away from all that is you. To step into your sovereignty. To use your voice.

It’s time to step up the game. To do things differently even if they feel uncomfortable.

To know when to push and when to let go. To shed layers of conditioning that have been holding you back. To raise the consciousness of the planet by first raising your own. To realise that you are whole, complete, worthy and magical.

~ Manasi D

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