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🌹Embracing Radiance: 11 Ways to Cultivate a Sacred Connection with Your Body after Narcissistic Mothering:

To no longer be dictated by the negative beliefs of your narcissistic mother instilled in your about your body, you have to learn to reconnect with your body at a deeper level, release trauma, and treat her with the kindness and reverence she deserves. ⁣

Here’s how you can start: ⁣

🌹 Self-Acceptance: Embrace your body unconditionally, recognising her uniqueness and deserving of love despite any flaws instilled by your narcissistic mother.⁣

🌹 Emotional Alchemy: Learn to navigate feelings with grace, including grief, anger, shame, or disappointment around your body. Your feelings are valid but they are not all true. A lot of them are induced by your mother’s beliefs about you, which are dictated by her own wounds. ⁣

🌹 Cultivate Safety: Reconnect with your body through nervous system regulation and foster a deeper sense of safety within. Let your body become a safe space for you to land and be in. ⁣

🌹 Set Boundaries: Establish clear boundaries with your mother, protecting your physical and emotional well-being.⁣

🌹 Self-Care Rituals: Prioritise self-care practices like rest, movement, nutrition, and relaxation to nurture your body’s well-being.⁣

🌹 Reframe Beliefs: Challenge negative beliefs about your body and unsubscribe from societal, cultural, and familial conditioning. ⁣

🌹 Practice Softening: Allow your body to physically and emotionally soften and take up space.⁣

🌹 Mirror Work: Speak lovingly to yourself in the mirror, acknowledging your worthiness and strength. Get comfortable seeing yourself just as you are. ⁣

🌹 Letter Writing to Your Body: Express gratitude and forgiveness for your body’s journey, fostering a deeper connection and reverence.⁣

🌹 Therapeutic Support: Seek therapy to heal from emotional wounds and develop healthy strategies.⁣

🌹 Explore Your Relationship with Pleasure and Sensuality: Discover what brings you true joy and pleasure. Heal your relationship with your sensuality and self-expression. ⁣

Want a more detailed version of the above? Subscribe to my monthly notes from my bio. I’ll be sending it out this weekend. ⁣

I can support you in cultivating a deep relationship with your body. Drop me a DM and we’ll chat. 3 spots open.

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