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But she’s your mother

▪️She’s a human being first▪️

And human beings have human experiences, and not all human experiences are good or positive.⠀

Our human experiences, right from the start, shape us. They either add to or take away from who we become; the good, the bad, the in-between - it all comes from things we've exepreinced as children, our early relationships, and how we perceive the world.⠀

Sometimes our human experiences teach us terrible things about ourselves and the world. They can leave us deeply wounded, and alter our thoughts, emotions, behaviours and actions.

Some of these wounds push people to inflict abuse and pain - consciously and unconsciously. ⠀

In other words, human beings can turn toxic and show up in toxic ways. ⠀

If we don't shine the light of awareness onto our wounds, we wound those around us, + those we bring into this world. ⠀

The truth is, your mother might have given birth to you but it doesn't change the fact that she might have been wounded in ways that affect her ability to love and care for you the way you deserved. It might also happen that the trauma that runs in her body runs in yours too. ⠀

If she didn’t take the time to work on her wounds, it’s quite likely that she shows up from a space of her deeply wounded inner child. Which doesn’t help when she has/had to raise an actual child. ⠀

Society tells us this myth that when a woman becomes a mother, when she births a human being onto this planet, she is all of a sudden capable of nurturing, loving, and protecting that human being.⠀

Many of us know that this myth wasn't our truth - and you know what, that's okay. ⠀

It's painful to accept that what we're told by the society and what we experienced were two very different things. ⠀

And, it's fundamental to our healing that we trust and embrace our reality so that we can start showing up differently. ⠀

Remember, others don't know your relaity. Just because they tell you what they believe to be true, doens't mean you have to subscribe for their version of reality.⠀

Don’t let anyone guilt-trip you into tolerating abuse because “she’s your mother.” Abuse is abuse. ⠀

It’s now time to take responsibility and heal. Okay? x Manasi

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