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Stepping into the new

Some words that came through for me during meditation today.

I'm not sure who needs to hear this:

Stepping into the new, the process in itself can result in deep grief and a sense of loss.

You're grieving all that is no longer serving you as well as all those old things that once you so badly wanted.

This is the time when you let the process happen even if it's uncomfortable.

You need to be willing to shed all parts of you that no longer align with your truth and witnessing this can be overwhelmingly painful.

It's okay to admit that you might have, consciously or unconsciously, created parts of your current reality.

Doing so allows you to take responsibility to do things differently and make more empowering choices.

A lot of it might not have been your fault but it's now time to let go. To heal. To rise.

It's time to step out of your old self and fully step into the new version of yourself.

For that, you must be willing to enlighten your heart and mind. You need to begin to update your well of knowledge around 'doing' and 'being'.

You need to keep your heart and mind open to learning and practising more up to date and soul-nourishing ways of showing up in this world.

This might feel intensely uncomfortable as you're still parts of your old identity while having questions around your new.

But know that the old was likely what you thought you were due to your conditioning and circumstances.

Who you are choosing to be today, you actually already ARE.

You already WERE when you were born. Whole and complete.

You were told to be someone else and now you can choose to be exactly who you want to be.



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