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I mean, really, does this even need a caption? ⠀

But here’s the thing: leaving your abusive family would mean facing your worst of fears, overcoming patterns that don’t serve you, and finally... finally deciding to no longer abandon your inner child. ⠀

It means understanding one fact of life: road to peace isn’t always peaceful, and realising that turbulence is only NORMAL, when you, the chosen one in your family to end generational trauma, decide to heal and disrupt the dysfunction. ⠀

I won’t lie. It will suck for a while. You’ll be confused because it’ll bring up all kinds of emotions AND you will be so proud of yourself for standing up for yourself and prioritising your mental health. ⠀

The new ways of being and doing will be new for you (and them) and you might experience all sorts of bodily reaction. That’s not because your decision is wrong - it’s because what you decided to do was new. Was out of your comfort zone. Was unfamiliar. ⠀

Unfamiliar in this situation is good. It’s often GREAT. ⠀

Whereas staying in an abusive family... might actually kill you. First spiritually and then maybe even physically. ⠀

Being raised in a dysfunctional family often causes a deep spiritual wound. Staying and allowing the dysfunction to continue means subscribing to slow traumatising death. ⠀

Suicidal ideation isn’t uncommon when you live in a dysfunctional family. I don’t mean to scare you but if you’ve experienced suicidal ideation, it’s high time you seek help and leave the dysfunction. ⠀

Nothing is more important than your life. Seek help. Help yourself. Be the one to choose better. You’re worth it. x Manasi

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