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You are not alone

Do you sometimes feel like you’re doing all this heavy inner work on your own? ⠀

Or that you’re the only one in your friends circle that’s doing it? ⠀

Do you feel angry that you need to do this work while others don’t? ⠀

You know what. You’re not alone. You’re not alone in feeling this way and also in walking this path. ⠀

You are so not alone, my love. ⠀

You are essentially part of a larger community of women who are here to break old cycles. ⠀

You’re part of a group of incredibly courageous, wise, and powerful women who’ve chosen to rise. ⠀

Who’ve chosen to bloom, despite all the reasons to stay wilted. ⠀

You’ve decided that even though this work is hard, and not meant for most, you are willing to stand tall in your truth. ⠀

To do things different in your family system. To shift the dysfunction. To heal the generational line by first healing yourself. ⠀

You’ve chosen to unlearn ways that keep you safe, stuck in the familiar, and to learn ways that are healthy and freeing. ⠀

You are not alone, my love. You are supported and held by this beautiful community and myself, plus all the other women who are doing the same work of extending support. ⠀

Even if your friends and family aren’t doing the same work, know that your path is unique. It’s beautiful in its own way. ⠀

Perhaps you have a greater responsibility to heal yourself and the planet. Or maybe they haven’t awakened to their responsibility and power to do so, yet.⠀

But you already have. ⠀

You are meant to create a different world. Your path is leading you and all those intricately connected to you towards liberation from the old. ⠀

The thing is, you’re not meant to do this work in isolation. If you are, free yourself by asking for support from those walking this path alongside you and those just a few steps ahead. ⠀

✨There is so much support, love, and guidance available.⠀

Tell me something. Would you like me to start a free Facebook community where you get to safely connect with other women who are here to do the same work?

Would you 𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗹𝘆 engage the group to support yourself as well as other women onthis path? Tell me in the comments section below ✨

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